Traveling with a Naturalist Tour Guide

When making a decision for your next family vacation, you want a place that has adventure, diversity, and a variety of activities that the whole family can partake in. Costa Rica is that destination! A country that has a huge assortment of attractions for the whole family. Families can explore active volcanoes, dazzling beaches, tropical rainforests, lush green mountains, unique wildlife, Costa Rican food, local culture, and the harmony of nature.

All of these amazing opportunities may be overwhelming for a family to plan and explore by themselves. In order to experience and enjoy your family vacation to Costa Rica to the fullest, you would need to hire an expert naturalist guide!! Each professional guide has extensive experience with working with families and building family vacation packages for exploring the sites of Costa Rica! With your naturalist guide, you will enjoy a family vacation trip of a lifetime!!

The background for each naturalist guide is extensive! They have knowledge of the entire region, knowledge of many rare plants and animals, knowledge of all the tourist and private locations, and the connections with each of the resorts you would be visiting with your family. Each tour guide has a great personality, a passion for the work they are accomplishing, and they are great with children! Your guide always have great communicative skills and a mastery of the English and Spanish language in order to communicate with each family member.

There are many benefits for hiring a naturalist guide for your family vacation!! Each guide is dedicated to make your family vacation an amazing experience. Your guide knows where the ideal places to visit to purchase food, encounter local cuisine, and experience different stores rarely encountered by larger tourist groups. Each expert guide is able to transport you to any destination along the trip, so all your family has to do is relax and enjoy your family vacation!!

In Costa Rica, your guides are certified by the National Institute of Learning. This means that each of your guides will give quality service and commitment for family tourism! The knowledge acquired by each of your guides during their academic training range from history, culture, nature, and customer service. They are trained to create an atmosphere of trust between each of their families they escort around. An added bonus is that each guide always brings working equipment such as binoculars, telescopes, and field guides, to make your family vacation an amazing experience!!

Finally, your hired naturalist guide will guarantee that your family will have a fantastic time in Costa Rica! With your personal guide, you will experience a great family adventure through one of the most biodiverse regions in the world!!

Dare to discover Costa Rica by the hand of a naturalist !!!

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