La Fortuna / Arenal

Ecocentro Danaus

It is a private ecological reserve where programs of conservation, training, environmental education and sustainable production are developed. Through the trails it is possible to observe in its natural state a great variety of plants and wild animals like birds, sloths, guatusas, iguanas, caimans, frogs and much more! A water source of national importance for the nesting and observation of waterfowl and a butterfly farm, as well as the rescue of the Maleku indigenous culture, who exhibit their handicrafts and provide information to the visitor about their culture.

Mystic Bridges of the Arenal

Contemplate the forest placidly in a revitalizing and fullness of nature. In front of the majestic Arenal Volcano, you can admire its beauty and the amazing forest that surrounds it. You can find wild species in their natural hábitat!One of the advantages of having a naturalist guide is their extensive knowledge of each species that inhabit the reserve!

It is a 3.2 km route, where you can visit 16 bridges, tunnel and cataract. In addition, these trails are suitable for people with disabilities.

Arenal 1968, Lookout and Trails

An unforgettable experience while enjoying walks along lava trails of Arenal Volcano and with a lake as the perfect natural backdrop! Two different hiking trails that runs on hills formed by lava during the 1968 eruption of Arenal Volcano. Find here the Laguna Ducks! Through a wonderful landscape and excellent panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal, you get to see some of the best views in the region!

Rio Fortuna Waterfall

This place is located within the Arenal Volcano National Park área, which creates abundant vegetation and diversity of fauna. The waterfall is formed by the waters of the River Fortuna and its small tributaries, which are born in the mountains of the park. The descent to the Río Fortuna Waterfall consists of 500 steps, through a recently remodeled path, which also has comfortable rest areas.

Finally, a majestic 70 meters high waterfall will be waiting for you, where you can swim and enjoy its crystalline waters recreationally and in peace with this wonderful natural resource of La Fortuna.

Rafting 3/4 in Rapids

Make a descent through a tropical river with different class rapids. It offers some of the most exciting continuous white water rafting in Costa Rica!

The duration is usually 7 hours. Once you arrive at your destination, experienced guides will review the rules and safety guidelines for the river, and your work as a rower. The time in the river varies between 2.5 and 3 hours, depending on the changing daily flow of water.

At the end of the trip, a cold drink and a dry towel await you!

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